ELAN SHIELDED ALARM CABLE 020041 4X0.22 White PVC Internal mt.100

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- ELAN SHIELDED ALARM CABLE 020041 -4X0.22 PVC -White color -100 mt



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a. The unipolar conductors (0.50 - 0.75 - 1.00 - 1.50 - Ø 8/10) constituting the power supply wires are PVC insulated (type R2 according to CEI 20-11) and pass the expected voltage test from the CEI 20-20 standards, that is: 5 first to 2000 Vdc dry without insulation cracks.

b. The unipolar conductors (0.22) making up the signaling wires are insulated in PVC type R2. They exceed the voltage test foreseen by the CEI 20-20 standards, that is: 5 first at 1000 Vdc dry without insulation cracking.

2. SHIELDING: The shielding is formed by a coupled tape of 9/12 micron polyester / aluminum plus drainage wire in tinned copper and polyester tape with a thickness of 12 micron applied on the assembled cable, according to CEI 46-5 .

3. SHEATH: The outer sheath in PVC (type RZ according to CEI 20-11) is white and flexible and does not spread the fire according to CEI 20-22 / III.

Due to their constructive characteristics, following positively passed tests, the cables with the words C-4 (U0 = 400V) can be used in coexistence with energy cables with both 450 / 750V and 0.6 / 1Kv marking, being in compliance with CEI UNEL 36762.

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