20 DC power connectors Jack with 50 cm cable length (10 female jacks +10 male jacks) for CCTV Camera, Strip LED lights

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-DC plug: 5.5 mm * 2.1 mm

-Total length: 50 cm

-Wire gauge: 26AWG

-Current: 5A (12V)

-Operating temperature: from -20 ° C to + 90 ° C

-Polarity Common: red (positive) / black (negative)

-Wire material: pure copper core

-Plastic material: PVC plastic



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-Safe and Fast Transmission: the spiral cable of the cylindrical connector, 25 cm of 100% copper tail, simple, reliable, safe and fast transmission. The pigtails of DC power cables are easy to connect to power and welding to provide a safer do-it-yourself solution for use with power adapters or power boxes.

-High Quality: Optimized Fine Copper Cables Well Built Truss Power Socket DC pre-installed jack provides a simple and safe DIY solution for DC power connectivity, works with a power adapter or a power supply.

-Simple installation: easy to install, since the ends of the DC power cables are pre-tinned making them extremely easy to weld and have two wires on the other junctions of red black wire that indicate polarity.

-Wide Compatibility: Easy DC Power solution, compatible with all CCTV systems and other 2.1 * 5.5 mm DC power devices such as partial lighting or LED strips.

-Package: 10 pairs 12V (male + female), DC braid cable.

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