Voice Recorder Micro Audio 8GB Spy / 160 Hours Recording / Earphones Included

- Sturdy and small, with 8GB of built-in memory of maximum build quality, easy to hide in any place by offering a very high quality recording

- EASY OCCULT: So small that it can be hidden anywhere just 0.6 mm thick and 4.5 cm long

- SOUND PROCESSOR UPDATED VERSION: An unmatched recording quality, thanks to its upgraded processor in this version it succeeds in picking up sounds and noises within 7 meters with a stunning quality, we have recently carried out tests and our mini edic manages to record in a clear even through fabrics, such as shirts and trousers as long as they are not too thick

- LISTENING TO PLUG & PLAY OR HEADPHONES: Our updated version allows you to listen to recordings made in two ways, or using a PC, just connect the cable to the PC, and the PC automatically installs the driver, making us turn on the internal memory where we will find all the recordings, or through the comfortable headphones you can listen directly from the micro recorder

- MP3 PLAYER TO LISTEN TO MUSIC: By connecting the earphones to the device, it turns into a classic MP3 player

- Charging cable and earphones included



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